Wensleydale Fresh Organic Vegetable Boxes - HALF (6 items)


  • R 120.00

The HALF BOX consists of a variety of 6 items from the lists below.

Wensleydale Farm - CERES certified organic vegetables available in different box sizes. The list below of fruit and vegetables is what we EXPECT from the farm to have available. If you order a ‘lucky dip’ box, Wensleydale Farm will pack from the list below.   You will get a combination of the popular items.  If medium boxes, for example, got chillies the previous week, they try to vary the box contents and leave them out the following week to avoid a build up of these items.  Here is a list of what you can EXPECT in your various boxes this week:  

  • Organic Turmeric:100g
  • Organically Grown Butternut
  • Organic Pomegranate:1's
  • Organic Chillies:125g
  • Organic Salad Pack(assortment of lettuce):200g
  • Organic Turnips:750g
  • Organic Kale:400g
  • Organically Grown Peppers:2's
  • Organic Brinjals:2's
  • Organic Sweet Potatoes:750g
  • Organically Grown Swiss Chard:300g
  • Organic Mint:30g
  • Organic Herbs:30g

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