Wensleydale Fresh Organic Lemongrass Stick

Wensleydale Fresh Organic Lemongrass Stick


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Lemongrass imparts a flavor of lemon with hints of ginger. It has the same essential oil as lemons and it is often used in herbal teas to give a lemon flavor. Fresh lemongrass can have floral and minty notes as well.

Cooking With Lemongrass

To use fresh lemongrass in your cooking, always cut off the lower bulb and remove tough outer leaves. The main stalk (the yellow section) is what is used in Thai cooking. From here, you have two options. You can cut the yellow stalk into 2- to 3-inch lengths and then “bruise” these sections by bending them several times. In addition, create superficial cuts along these sections with your knife, which will help release the lemon flavor. Add these bruised stalks to your soup or curry. When serving, remove the lemongrass pieces. 

If the lemongrass is intended to remain in the food when eaten, you can slice the yellow section of the lemongrass stalk into thin slices with a sharp knife. Then place these in a food processor and process well.


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