uSisi Ginger Turmeric Grinder - 95g

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uSisi Ginger Turmeric Grinder - 100ml

Oh come on. Just look at this beauty! We’ve carefully combined your favourite spices with a blend of freshly cut herbs. You will love, love, love this tasty grinder! Add some super amazing flavours to your stir fry’s, pastas, potatoes, and fish recipes just to name a few and add a fresh twist of flavour every time! We double dare you to tickle your taste buds with real, clean flavour

To live lekker: healthily, joyfully, deliciously! Our products contain no preservatives, no genetically modified ingredients and are free from MSG, sugar, and filler ingredients, keeping it real and ama-natural with our quality ingredients. So, whether you’re a banter, a home cook foodie, or living your best life in the healthiest way, we have the flavours just right for you!

If you like the taste of tradition, then uSisi Brands is right for you!

Whether you’re looking to braai your Shisa nyama around an open fire on some hot burning coals or create a one pot potjie of home cooked flavours with a side serving of chilli chakalaka, pap and sous, the secret is in our blend of spices and seasonings and where all the real flavour lies…Our products are Mzanzi-mnandi – sourced and produced in South Africa, for South Africans and have been created to suit our local tastes with uniquely local and lekker flavours. With that in mind, we aim to help you eat well and be well.