Tierhoek Organic Quince Jam - 280g

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Organic Quince Jam

Quinces 62%, Sugar, Lemon Juice

Tierhoek Organic products use only certified organic ingredients and sun-ripened, freshly picked, natural ingredients. We aim to catch the essence of fresh fruit in a jar or dried – to preserve its natural goodness beyond its fresh lifespan.

We do not add sulphur!
We do not use any GMO products (Genetically Modified Organisms)
We do not add synthetic or petrochemical sprays!
We do not re-hydrate our dried fruit!
We do not add sugar to our dried fruit!
We make whole fruit, reduced sugar jams!
We do not import fruit!

All dried fruit is packed in Good for the Ground biodegradable, compostable bags made 100% from starch. All labels are biodegradable and glass jars are recyclable.