The Garden Bar - Health Shots 100ml

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The Garden Bar - Health Shots 100ml

"At The Garden Bar, we're committed to brining you nutrient-rich juices through the art of cold pressing"

Our range of cold pressed shots are made fresh every week using a combination of fresh fruits, vegetables & roots.  Each combination offers a different health benefit and is specially crafted to provide you with a healthy, refreshing boost!

Health Shots:

Flu Shot - Ginger, lemon & apple

Jalapeño Shot -Jalapeño, lime & apple/pineapple

Spirulina Shot - Spirulina, lemon & apple

Turmeric Shot - Turmeric, lemon, apple, crushed black pepper & honey

Beet-Boost - Beetroot, Ginger, Lemon & Apple

Our shots freeze beautifully and can last in the freezer for up to two weeks. Being a health-conscious and eco-friendly brand we don’t believe in the fake stuff and that’s why we use natural acids like lemon juice to preserve all our cold-pressed juices. Not only does it add a refreshing twang, but it also helps to retain their color and composition.