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Organic Maca Powder - PERUVIAN ROOT POWDER

Legend has it that Incan warriors used to eat maca before going into battle – they believed it gave them invincible strength and stamina. Yellow maca is the mostly widely available type of maca root, which has thyroid modulating and hormone balancing properties.


Maca grows high up in the Peruvian Andes mountains where the extremely mineral rich soils account for maca’s high levels of energy, protein, minerals and dietary fibre.

BOOSTS ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE - bioavailable protein for faster recovery & stamina; oxygenates the blood for natural performance enhancement and stamina
IMPROVES COGNITIVE FUNCTION - increases blood circulation for quicker thinking
IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT - adaptogenic, boosts your life force and fights disease
BOOSTS LIBIDO - oxygen enhancing and hormone balancing for better sex
INCREASES FERTILITY - overall hormonal support for couples looking to conceive
IMPROVES ADRENAL FUNCTION - adaptogenic quality balances hormones & reduces fatigue
FEMALE HORMONE TONIC - reduces PMT, is a natural alternative to HRT & improves thyroid function
REDUCES STRESS - balances and stabilises all the body’s systems
MALE HORMONE TONIC - improves sperm count and increases testosterone
SOURCE OF NUTRITION - contains up to 60 phytochemicals and essential micronutrients; is a great source of protein and is high in vitamins (B1, B2, C and E) and minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur and iron).


Maca provides excellent support for your body pre- & post-exercise. Blend into smoothies, hot chocolate, desserts, snack bars and sweet treats. Maca has an incredible synergistic effect when combined with raw cacao, so add it into your chocolate creations.

Start with 1 tsp a day, and gradually move up to 8 tsp or more.


The Soaring Free Superfoods Maca is of the highest quality and is certified to have been grown organically, free from chemicals and pesticides.

Product of Peru


100% organic yellow maca root powder