Superfoods Supershake Vanilla-Mesquite 200g


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Packed with the power of five superfoods, this Superfood smoothie mix is the perfect way to get more nutrient density in your diet. A concentrated and potent synergistic blend of Lucuma, Mesquite, Raw Cacao, Hemp Seeds, and Maca, as well as key medicinal herbs, Taheebo, and Cinnamon, provide a broad energising spectrum of essential vibration.
Directions : Simply add water!
250 ml water (1 cup)
15g powdered Shake(1 TBL)
Raw Honey or Coconut Nectar to taste
Shake or blend!
Variation : Add 1 banana to thicken into a delicious smoothie.
What are Superfoods? Superfoods have a rich history of use and were believed to provide essential nutritional integrity to support optimal functioning of being. 'You are what you eat' is an ancient truth well known by traditional cultures who actively sought out these prized powerhouses of coherent vibration. Support your highest development by concious selection of the best fuel of your body.

SuperfoodShake can also be added to fruit smoothies and juices for a Superfood boost.! Daily use is recommended to assist with dietary upgrading.
Ingredients: Lucuma*, Chia Seeds*, Wildharvested Mesquite, Hemp Seeds*, Maca*, Astragalus, Vanilla Powder, Sea Salt

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