Superfoods Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 750ml


  • R 246.00

  • 100% pure coconut oil
  • Cold pressed
  • certified organic 
  • unrefined
  • Fair trade
  • GMO-free
  • No chemical or heat treatments such as hydrogenation, deodorisation and polishing. 
  • A completely cold process from drying to packing. 

What makes this coconut oil superior?
Odourless is odd. There is a trend towards ‘odourless’ coconut oil at the moment, but this would suggest that the coconut oil has been heavily refined and is no longer cold processed.
‘Neutral taste’ is also a marketing angle sometimes taken to sell coconut oil as a ‘flavourless’ oil to cook with that won’t interfere with the taste of the meal.
However a truly naturally processed and high integrity coconut oil product tastes like coconut! The more neutral in flavour the less potent it is in delivering the health benefits it claims.
Superfoods Extra Virgin Coconut oil has an authentic and delicious full bodied flavour.
Our unique and traditional way of cold processing the coconuts, including the membrane(testa), gives it a richer full bodied flavour indicative of its nutritional superiority.

*  Certified Organic

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