Soaring Free Organic RAW Cacao Powder - 200g & 500g

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All chocolate comes from cacao beans, which is the nut of the cacao fruit. Cacao powder is the defatted portion of the cacao paste. Our cacao powder is a pure ceremonial grade cacao that has a rich chocolate taste and is loaded with antioxidants & minerals. Due to it being raw, its nutritional profile is still perfectly intact to deeply nourish your body.

Ancient cultures used cacao as a 'carrier' for medicine as it has the unique ability to better transport nutrients into the body for enhanced nutrient absorption. That's why we always recommend combining cacao with potent medicinal plants or other superfoods, to access this beautiful synergy.


Raw chocolate is one of the highest antioxidant foods known, a rich source of magnesium and mood enhancing brain chemicals, including PEA (phenylethylamine), anandamide, serotonin and dopamine.

• HEART SUPPORT - cardiac health support from high magnesium content
• LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE - reduce your risk of hypertension the natural way
• SLOWS AGEING - super-rich in antioxidant flavanols to keep you young
• MENTAL CLARITY - PEA (phenylethylamine) improves alertness & thinking
• NATURAL ANTIDEPRESSANT - contains feel-good neurotransmitters
• ENERGISING - contains B vitamins, iron, manganese and theobromine
• GUT SUPPORTIVE & IMMUNE BOOSTING - feeds your good gut bacteria and keeps your microbiome healthy to ward of infections
• WEIGHT LOSS - natural appetite suppressant to curb hunger
• FEEL YOUNGER - MAOIs prolong effects of the feel-good brain chemicals


Raw cacao powder has a strong, bitter chocolate flavour. Make raw chocolate smoothies and desserts of all kinds. Sprinkle over your breakfast. Combine with raw cacao butter and your sweetener of choice to easily create your own sensational healthy chocolates at home. Recommended 5 – 20g per day.


Most cacao products are roasted at high temperatures and then refined through machinery using high heat. Soaring Free Superfoods raw cacao products are carefully dried and cold processed ensuring truly raw cacao that keeps the delicate nutrients intact. Our cacao is certified organic and tested for heavy metals.

Product of Africa


100% organic cacao powder (forastero heirloom)