Soga Organic Frozen Orange Ice Rocket Multipack - 10 x 100ml units

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Delightfully delicious for you and the kids - Box 0f 10 organic Orange Ice Rockets (ice lolly)
  1. NO pesticide residues
  2. NO preservatives
  3. NO additives
  4. NO colouring or flavouring
  5. NO sugar added
  6. NO Water added
  7. NOT-from-concentrate (NFC)
  8. High in Vitamin C
  9. Glyphoste FREE

SOGA farms are all:

  • 100% Organic certified
  • Ecocert & NOP certified
  • Globalgap and Natures Choice accredited
  • Ethical Audit accredited
Not-from-concentrate (NFC) juices have that from the orchard, freshly squeezed taste. And, just like freshly squeezed juice, there's no water, sugar, or preservatives added, only 100 percent pure premium quality pasteurized orange juice. One lick, and you'll taste the difference.


“We grow and produce South Africa’s only certified organic citrus juice products on a sustainable basis to give our customers safe and healthy food options”