Romesco Green Olive & Basil Pesto - 250g

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Pitted green olives, basil pesto, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Lovely dotted onto warm focaccia with shavings of parmesan cheese...

Romesco Olives is an innovative food company run by a bunch of food lovers. They specialise in marinating kalamata and green olives in extra virgin olive oil to different recipes infact 26 of them. 

The famous plump kalamata olives are grown in South Africa. "We only ever use kalamata; we adore the bitter chocolatey taste,finest table olive in the world.."  All the manufacturing takes place here in the cool Midlands.

"We don’t use any preservatives, colourants or fillers.

We keep our product stable through the old fashion method of keeping the ph balance low via vinegars, salts and oil.

Whilst we don’t have the organic stamp we can vouch for our ingredients."