Hijke Pecorino Cheese - 250g, 500g & 1kg

Hijke Pecorino Cheese - 250g, 500g & 1kg


  • R 60.00

The key is in the quality of the milk, said Hoogendijk. It comes down to the cows getting the right feed - and treating them correctly. "Our supplier, a female farmer, even plays music to her cows." Although Hoogendijk started out making cheese, the core of the family business is its yoghurt. It is delectably thick and creamy with a tang. "It is all completely natural made with live cultures. We don't add any stabilisers, sugar or artificial flavourants," said Hoogendijk. Their secret? "It is all about honesty. Honesty to oneself, honesty to the client and honesty to the product,"

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