Agnesi Couscous 500g

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Couscous is made from high-quality semolina obtained from durum wheat grown in Italy.

The intense colour and irregular shaped grain make it seem like homemade couscous, with a smaller than average grain size in comparison to others available on the market. Couscous is distinguished by a low humidity value, which increases its shelf life, and is produced using a long, gentle production process.

In addition, the low humidity level gives Couscous good hygroscopic properties, therefore during cooking or reconstitution it absorbs a great deal of water (or milk or stock) resulting in a high yield. Indeed, it triples in volume after cooking or reconstitution.  Thanks to the pre-cooking process it is subject to, Granoro Couscous is reconstituted by simply adding boiling liquid such as water, milk or meat/vegetable stock and is ready to eat in just 5 – 7 minutes.


  • It is a way of consuming cereals in a natural way, WITHOUT additives.
  • Couscous has a hydroscopic absorption level greater than 2.7, allowing it to absorb a considerable amount of liquid, so it almost triples in volume. Therefore, 100 g of Granoro Couscous will yield about 300 g of product after cooking. This characteristic allows our product to exceed the minimum legal value, which is 2.2.
  • Couscous has the typical, intense aroma of durum wheat.
  • It is produced with 100% Italian wheat, has an intense colour and a protein content of 13.5%.
  • Couscous has grains of uniform size that are irregular in shape, just like homemade couscous.
  • It reconstitutes quickly, in just 5-7 minutes.
  • It can be stored for 3 years if kept in a cool, dry place.
  • It can be stored in the fridge for many days, even if combined with a sauce or other ingredients. If stored without condiments it can be reheated in a bain-marie.