Oryx Salt Pot Gift Pack

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  • Handmade ceramic jar, Mini cotton bag – fine salt & Spoon

Handmade by Macassar Pottery.  The pottery studio, a self-sustaining social enterprise founded in 2010, is a safe space for the community, youths in particular, to discover and follow their dreams.  There, locals are upskilled to be entrepreneurs, telling their own stories through their unique ceramic ware. The business is co-owned by its employees.

Beautiful, simple yet an integral necessity in any kitchen, the traditional salt pot is designed to stand next to the stove for easy access while cooking. Unglazed on the inside (to absorb any moisture in the salt) it has a smooth glazed finish on the outside.

Each Salt Pot contains a mini-bag of fine salt. The mini-bags are sewn by a home industry project in Ndabeni village. The founding seamstress Thaakira Essau has grown her team to seven women in order to cope with the demands for Oryx Desert Salt bags.

Included is a spoon made from wild olive wood by rural artisan carvers in Kenya.

Ukama Packing Solutions, who pack all the elements of this Salt Pot Gift together, is a micro-enterprise holding company, training local communities in running their own businesses.