O’natural – Brain Boost Bar 40g

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O’natural – Brain Boost Bar 40g

Delicious whole food cacao energy bar with the added benefit of locally grown Lion’s Mane mushrooms. Lion’s Mane mushroom is associated with potential cognitive benefits, including improved memory and focus. We pack a full 1000mg Lion’s Mane into each bar! Our high quality Lion’s Mane is artisinally grown in the Western Cape, never imported form China.

INGREDIENTS: Dates, Cashew Nuts (tree nuts), Almonds (tree nuts), Cacao Butter (14%), Cacao Powder*(7%), Chia Seeds, Lions Mane (SA grown 3%), Hemp Seeds, Kalahari Salt, Ormus Minerals. *ORGANIC


FREE FROM: Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, GMO’s, Additives, Added Sugar, 

Plant Based Snack: Vegan, Made Raw, Enjoy as:

  • Breakfast on-the-go
  • Athletic energy booster
  • Between meals  pick-me-up
  • Guilt-free chocolate experience