Olivesinfact: Kalamata Olives in tub - 400g

Olivesinfact: Kalamata Olives in tub - 400g


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Simply Delicious Kalamata Olives are home grown on Awakening Farm in Devonvale, Stellenbosch. The olives are hand-harvested at optimum maturity – that is when they have ripened well, but before the flesh softens. After rinsing, the olives are placed in a brine solution consisting of only table salt and water. The correct salt concentration permits the desired lactic acid bacteria to flourish, while excluding the spoilage bacteria, which can cause softening of fruit and off-flavours. The olives are kept in the same brine for at least 12 – 18 months, with the salient parameters monitored all the way through. As the natural lactic acid fermentation proceeds, the sugars in the fruit are converted to lactic acid and the pH decreases to about 4.0. This lactic acid is the natural preservative of the pickled olive. The slow, natural fermentation ensures an amazing profile of integrated flavours in the final product. 
Once the fermentation is complete, the product is microbiologically stable, and as long as the conditions are kept constant, the flavours will improve – after 18 months they are divine! The storage brine is quite salty, so when the olives are needed, the salt concentration is lowered to 5% and the olives are rolled in extra virgin olive oil and packaged – with no additives. Simply Delicious!
A little-known FACT is that the organism which plays the most significant role in this natural fermentation of the olives, is one of the lactic acid bacteria called Lactobacillus plantarum, and this organism is of vital importance to maintain our gut biome – so this is a prime example of a raw, naturally fermented food, and makes fermented table olives one of the best probiotics on the market! The fact that we consume these probiotics in their natural environment, rather than in a capsule, is proving to be far more effective in keeping us healthy and happy!

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