Nu-Eco Active Degreaser (natural bike cleaner)

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A powerful, effective and completely bio-degradable, eco-friendly degreaser and remediation product. A versatile degreaser that not only cleans oil, grease and dirt, but also naturally degrades the widely problematic contaminants to ensure a non-toxic, environmentally friendly end product.


Spray area to be cleaned liberally, leave for 30 minutes and spray off with a pressure cleaner or wash off with a cloth and clean water.


Bacteria Type: Bacillus blend Total Bacterial Count : 540 Appearance : Turbid Liquid Fragrance : Neutral Effective PH Range : 5-10 Effective Temp Range : 5-50c Shelf Life : 24 months


Do not spray towards face.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Keep out of reach of children.