Nanuki Boom Bar Matcha Explosion - 35g

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Boom Bar Matcha Explosion (40g): A moist Matcha coconut cluster, enrobed in a rich raw chocolate.  Ingredients:coconut, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, honey, coconut oil, coconut flour, ceremonial grade organic raw matcha powder, moringa powder,  mesquite powder, lucuma, spirulina powder

Spirulina, Hemp, Honey and Marula – just some of the super-food ingredients in Boom Bars! Nanuki ensure their ingredients are sourced responsibly and sustainably, and that they are free from GMOs. They make everything in small batches and by hand.

All their products are free from gluten, dairy, soy, preservatives, refined sugar and nuts. They are school safe and vegetarian.

So are you ready to go BOOM?  It’s an easy decision to make.  BOOM! 🙂