Naked Bones - Line Fish Broth 500ml

Naked Bones - Line Fish Broth 500ml

Naked Bones

  • R 60.00

Our latest addition to our bone broth range is our brand new Line Fish Bone Broth. ⁠

This is cooked using Dorado caught in our waters.We use the bones of the fish with carefully selected vegetables and fresh herbs to create a delicate and clean broth , perfect for any seafood base dish such as prawn curry, seafood bisques, stews, asian bowls and mussel pots.⁠


🐟High in omega 3 fatty acids - good for heart & brain
🐟 Good source of iodine
🐟Strenthens your thyroid
🐟 Keeps hormones in balance
🐟 Gelatine is healing for the GUT
🐟 Promotes healthy skin and hair

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