Naked Bones - Line Fish Broth 500ml

Naked Bones - Line Fish Broth 500ml

Naked Bones

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Sustainably sourced Linefish Bone Broth from Naked Bones is packed with Vitamin D which is essential for immunity, omega 3 fatty acids, making this good for the heart and brain. Its is a good source of iodine and strengthens the thyroid, keeping hormones balanced and being high in gelatine promotes gut health and therefore boosting your immunity.

This is cooked using Dorado caught in our waters. We use the bones of the fish with carefully selected vegetables and fresh herbs to create a delicate and clean broth , perfect for any seafood base dish such as prawn curry, seafood bisques, stews, asian bowls and mussel pots.⁠


🐟High in omega 3 fatty acids - good for heart & brain
🐟 Good source of iodine
🐟Strenthens your thyroid
🐟 Keeps hormones in balance
🐟 Gelatine is healing for the GUT
🐟 Promotes healthy skin and hair

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