Msulwa Life's Dental Floss (Natural, Vegan & Eco Friendly)

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Msulwa Life’s Eco-Friendly, Organic Dental floss 

Our NEW and improved floss is made from Peace silk (Ahimsa silk) which is a non-violent, vegan extraction of silk from spun cocoons. Wild silk moths complete their cycle from silkworm to moth without harm and the silk is spun from the empty cocoons. Standard silk production involves moths dying for their silk cocoons, this does not happen with peace silk.

Our first dental floss was made from corn silk which was fibrous and sometimes too tight for teeth, our new and better version of Peace Silk is much smoother, stronger, silkier, gliding easily between teeth!

This 30m high quality, natural, nylon-free dental floss is coated with candelilla waxand flavoured with mint!

 A completely natural, plastic free, plant-based dental floss (30m) that is made of Organic Corn Silk coated in Natural Candelilla Wax and flavoured with Natural Mint!

Msulwa Life Natural Dental Floss

We are very proud of all the above ‘good’ qualities and ALSO giving extra protection to wildlife from ingesting microplastics and the prevention of dangerous entanglement from the standard nylon non-biodegradable dental floss.

Eco-Friendly Impact

  • Our packaging is a recyclable cardboard box
  • The bottle is made of glass
  • The lid is metal
  • The floss is natural webbed corn silk

Regular dental floss is waxed nylon, rolled up in a small plastic box. Nylon, like plastic, is derived from crude oil taking around 90 years to decompose #notimpressed

When your floss is finished, we encourage you to keep the glass bottle and use it for storing small trinkets like earrings, necklaces and paper clips.

Natural alternatives to synthetic nylon floss

Luckily there are 2 main alternatives to nylon/plastic dental floss:

1) Ahimsa silk from moths, bred for their cocoon silk

2) Corn Silk from the natural corn plant

We chose Corn Silk for our dental floss to guarantee the vegan and plant-based materials. This natural dental floss is 30m, coated in natural candelilla wax with a minty freshness and it is biodegradable in your garden and an industrial compost!

Conventional dental floss is often treated with perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl chemical substances. This class of chemicals is used to repel liquids in a broad range of products, such as non-stick cookware, raincoats, and outdoor gear and much more. These chemicals are so pervasive that they’re present in our bloodstream. People with higher concentrations of these chemicals in their blood have increased health risks including cancer, liver disease, heart disease, and immune system suppression.

The average plastic floss container only lasts for around 2 months (that’s about 6 containers per year, per person) which will ultimately be sitting in a landfill for a few hundred years as it breaks down into smaller, toxic units that are then absorbed into our eco-system.

The Flossing Experience

We all know we should floss more often! Dentists recommend doing it every day.

There are many different types of dental floss, all offering a slightly different experience. Our natural dental floss (made of corn silk and Candelilla wax) is a strong fibrous floss and is ‘grippy’, great for food traps. If you have very close teeth, this floss will feel a little tight gliding between them, meaning you will get a great clean!


Take another eco step forward and switch from plastic dental floss to a natural and eco-friendly alternative!