Mooberry Farms Mixed Berry Compote

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  • Mooberry Farms Mixed Berry Compote: 250ml, 500ml & 1 ltr
  • 2 x Strained yoghurts sweetened with berries.

Mooberry Farm only have Jersey Cows in their herd as they find the milk to be nice and creamy and make the best cheese and yoghurt. The cows are all primarily grass fed and only get a small handful of grain at milking time to keep them occupied. The milk is used to manufacture cream, yoghurts, cheeses, Kefir and butter. They pride themselves in providing food that is as natural as possible. Their animals are all raised on the farm and they are passionate about their wellbeing and are therefore treated with love and care they deserve.The farm is not run on a large commercial basis and are very hands on with their daily routine. All of their products are farmed using Organic Principles as far as possible.

  • NO preservatives  
  • NO stabilisers   
  • NO flavourings    
  • NO colourants added