Mooberry Farms Free Range Eggs 12's & 30's

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Mooberry eggs are laid by the hardy Bosvelder Indigenous chicken. Their chickens roam outside all day and are free to have sand baths, scratch for bugs, run and fly. These chickens are relaxed, tame and live a stress free life. Their feed is free of anti-biotics, animal by-products, steroids or any type of stimulants. In addition to their normal feed they are also give vegetable off cuts, sprouted wheat grass and oats, this also just adds variety to their diet. As they roam outside all day they also get to eat a lot of natural food in the form of bugs, grasses and anything that they find that appeals to them. "We don’t use any unnatural lighting to keep them laying during winter. The bosvelder egg has a lovely deep yellow yolk and has a wonderful taste. These birds are treated with an attention to animal welfare that far exceeds the meagre minimum requirements for the use of the label “free range".

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