Mooberry Farms Quark Cheese 250g

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Mooberry Farms Quark Cheese 250g

Quark can be used in plenty of sweet and savoury recipes that call for dairy staples like cream cheese, yogurt or cottage cheese. Quark can also be eaten as it comes with things like fruit and granola, for a high-protein low-fat breakfast option, or spread on toast for a creamy topper.

Quark’s not a yogurt, (technically it’s a soft cheese) but you can use it in many of the ways that you might use a thick yogurt. Really though, the best way for you to get to know quark is to try it and have fun experimenting with it.

It’s both naturally low in fat and high in protein. Not only is protein what your body needs for building muscle, it also gives you that feeling of being fuller for longer

  • NO preservatives  
  • NO stabilisers   
  • NO flavourings    
  • NO colourants added

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