Mooberry Farms SALTED Butter

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Mooberry Farms Butter - Salted: 250g & 500g

Farm Fresh Raw butter from Mooberry Farms, made with the milk of their own cows, pastured raised and grass fed. Free of any routine antibiotics, growth hormones, stimulants and GMOs. No preservaties. No additives.

Grass-fed butter is regarded as superior to grain-fed butter due to the fact that the milk it is made from is rich in natural beta-carotene and it contains higher quantities of omega-3's.  Grass-fed butter also contains more fat-soluble vitamins like K2.

At Mooberry farms the cows are all primarily grass fed. The milk is used to manufacture butter, cheeses and yoghurts. All of these products are handmade on their premises. Their products are made with selected live cultures and no stabilisers, preservatives or thickeners are added, so they are truly as natural as possible.  Their butter is made using only cream and salt.

  • NO preservatives  
  • NO stabilisers   
  • NO flavourings    
  • NO colourants added