Mooberry Farms Fresh Cream (Raw \ Pasteurised)

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Mooberry Farms Fresh Cream: 300ml, 500ml & 1 Litre

Mooberry Farms pasteurized milk is ethically farmed. The herd is made up of Jersey cows as their milk is nice and creamy and make the best cheese and yoghurt.  The cows are primarily grass fed, only getting a handful of grain, that's certified free of any GMO, at milking time. 

Fresh Cream is a dairy product with high fat content (around 40%). It is made by skimming the butterfat layer from the top of fresh milk. Mooberry  Farms Fresh Cream from naturally pasture-raised cows has slightly yellow colour and sweetish taste. It is excellent for coffee, cooking and desserts.

  • NO preservatives  
  • NO stabilisers   
  • NO flavourings    
  • NO colourants added