LOBA The Muse Blend No.1 - 1kg

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Premium Blend No.1
Ethiopia, Kenya & Tanzania Blend

Delight in a well-balanced blend sourced from the place where giants slumber
– East Africa. It’s a premium cup with floral notes, a fruity sweetness and
bright citric acidity that will inspire you to master any challenge.

The cries of the great stone giant shook the savannah. His booming voice shattered the silence. His hot angry tears showered molten lava and ash on
the earth. You see, the great stone giant was an infant and did not know his own strength. To calm him down, a wise woman sang a slow soothing song.
The tears stopped. So, did the wailing. She kept singing until he fell asleep.

He sleeps still, with his head on Mount Kilimanjaro and his body hidden under his blanket, the Great Rift Valley.