Healthway Mineral Mask 250ml


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Living Clay is a highly versatile product and can be used as a Beauty product as a face mask or body wrap OR can be used Therapeutically for serious skin conditions. It comes in powder form and is activated with water, once wet Living Clay builds up a negative electrical charge and attracts positively charged toxins and impurities out of the skin. Organic and safe it can be used on young children for Eczema, or nappy rashes.

Product Features:
  • As a face mask the benefits of using this product 2-3 times a week on the skin. Living Clay will stimulate the circulation, exfoliate, reverse free radical damage from the sun all in        one natural product. Leaves the skin incredible smooth, revitalized and looking new and fresh again.
  • As a therapeutic treatment for skin conditions such as Eczema, Pimples & Acne, Psoriasis, open wounds, insect bites, Living clay does all the work drawing, healing and killing bacteria on contact. Living clay is mixed with water and a natural oil such as Avocado or Jojoba into a paste and applied to the affected area and then wrapped with plastic wrap to form a poultice.
  • For best results for skin conditions Living Clay teamed with Detox Therapy has a two fisted approach to get rid of skin problems effectively without medication and chemicals, therefore without side effects.
  • Historically Living Clay was discovered at the turn of the last century outside a town called Montmorillon in France where this clay is still used today. This product was used in Russia during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, they plowed it into the ground to get rid of the radiation, fed it to animals and even added it to chocolate and cookies for the public to get rid of the radiation in the people.
  • Healthway has treated many clients with skin problems and also as a beauty product and we have incredible results and are winning where doctors have failed.

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