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Purely Organic from the Earth.

No added preservatives and scents, this mineral mask is truly unique due to it’s natural ability to clean the skin’s surface and just below it. Received in powder form, finely milled and ready to use.

Once Mixed in a 50/50 ratio with warm water into a paste. When the clay is introduced to water it becomes active and develops an ability to draw impurities to the skins surface. At the same time in naturally stimulates the skin surface and increases blood circulation helping the skin regenerate and look its best.

This Mineral Mask can also be used for skin conditions such as Eczema, Pimples & Acne, Psoriasis, rashes, burns, sunburn & sun damaged skin, even insect bites such as spider bites

Ingredients: Calcium Montmorillonite


How To Use The Mineral Mask:

After a 20 minute face mask you will already see a radically change in the texture of your skin, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. Calcium Montmorillonite can be used on all skin types for various purposes. Once Introduced to water it magnetically draws impurities out of the skin , stimulates the circulation, exfoliates, reverses free radical damage from the sun. Use 2-3 times a week for best benefits.

This Mineral Mask is blended with warm water into a smooth paste and applied as a face mask or as a poultice to a area with a skin condition or rash. The negative electrical charge draws impurities out of the skin, stimulating the circulation, soothing and promoting regeneration of cells.

Depending on the skin condition, mineral mask is used at night and wrapped with glad wrap to keep the clay wet. This is important to note as the clay is only active whilst wet.