Montegrappa Lasagna Egg Dry Sheets - 500g

Montegrappa Lasagna Egg Dry Sheets - 500g


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Produced with the same passion of the past. Today, lasagnas are still the emblem of Italian cuisine. Montegrappa lasagnas are made from a porous dough, rolled out by cylinder, which allows for different cooking methods: they can be directly baked or cooked in boiling water and then baked. In either case, the results are excellent. The range is divided into die cut or laminated lasagnas and the various types range from durum wheat, egg, egg and spinach, and durum wheat and spinach. The “laminated lasagna” range has a very porous pasta dough that absorbs sauces well when preparing pasta casseroles. This process is very similar to homemade pasta that, once again, calls to mind the true flavors of Italian tradition.

Ingredients:   Durum whet semolina, egg 20%

Market positioning:   Premium 

Storage:   Cool and dry place

Size:   500g  


500g Folding box


Use:   No precooking required

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