Jaciana Foods Kombucha - Swedish Bitters 500ml & 1L, BPA Free or Glass Refundable

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Swedish-Bitters Herbs

Kombucha is a fermented tea consumed as a probiotic tea, infused with various ingredients in order to extract the related properties and benefits. Known by the Japanese as TEA OF IMMORTALITY.

The recommended dosage is 125ml a day, to obtain optimum benefits as an integrated part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This Kombucha is black tea based and infused with ingredients that stimulates receptors in the digestive track that may assist with IMPROVED DIGESTION and DETOXIFICATION.

Ingredients: Water, Kombucha Culture, Black Tea, Aloe, Theriac Venetian, Myrrh, Zedvoary Root, Angelica Root, Carline Thistle Root, Saffron, Senna Leaves, Rhubarb Roots, Natural Camphor, Manna.

Client testimonies:

“I have gallstones and this drink assist in normalizing my gall bladder functionality.” – Francois –

 “This drink assists with relieving constipation.” – Liana –

 Glass bottles may be added, R20/R28 refundable (size dependant)