Jaciana Foods Kombucha - TEAS with CINNAMON 500ml & 1L, BPA Free or Glass Refundable

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Kombucha with THREE DIFFERENT TEAS, flavoured with cinnamon.  These ingredients are rich in ANTI-OXIDANTS.  Children love the flavour!

Kombucha, what it is and its benefits

Kombucha is fermented tea made form sugar, yeast and bacteria. The culture responsible for the fermentation is called a scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast).

Usage of Kombucha traced back as far as 400 BC in China, Mongolia and Siberian regions.

The name kombucha however means fermented tea in Japanese. They also refer to it as tea of immortality.

Apart from the fact that kombucha improves digestive health, due to its excellent probiotic properties, this drink that consist of fermented tea, also have numerous other health benefits, such as:

  • Standard kombucha contains, B vitamins and antioxidants
  • Strengthen the heart
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Wards of bad bacteria
  • Breaks down arthritis and other inflammation related diseases
  • Detoxify the liver
  • Speeds up the metabolism

Since fermentation is the most effective way of extraction, kombucha is an excellent way to capture specific properties from various ingredients. Once kombucha completes its primary fermentation (approx. 7 days) the culture (scoby) can be removed from the tea and placed into a new container with fresh tea and sugar. Various other ingredients can the be added to the ready fermented kombucha for initiate a secondary fermentation phase were the properties from added ingredients are pre-digested by the microbes and therefore becomes readily available for our digestive systems to absorb these properties optimally. By adding raw healthy ingredients, it becomes and easy way to make up your own customised health drinks.

Kombucha is a healthy lifestyle promoting drink that can be drank in moderation on a regular base. A healthy dosage will not exceed more than half a glass (100 to 150 ml) daily.

Glass bottles may be added R20/R28 refundable (dependant on size)