Jaciana Foods NEW! Funkie Drankie -Grapefruit & Cardamom 330ml

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Funky Drankie is a wild yeast fermented drink containing fruits and herbs.
Although we need to use sugar as part of the fermentation process ( the only good function of sugar) we ferment these drinks up to certain parameters to ensure the sugar levels are mitigated to a levels where it is safe to drink and not spiking any blood sugar levels.
The 2 parameters we follow are:
pH of 3,2
Brix of 4 out of 32.
Funky Drankie comes in 6 different flavours:
Pineapple & Ginger
Apple & Buchu
Lemon & Lemongrass
Lime & Spearmint
Grapefruit & Cardamom
Pear & Fennel
For the manufacturing of these drinks we use only purified, ozonated water to ensure high oxygen levels in order to suppress anaerobic yeast that may produce alcohol. The purified water is also free from chloride and fluoride.
Only fresh fruits and herbs are used for flavouring and the product does not contain any artificial colourants or flavourants.
The only preservative we use is 2% lemon juice to ensure the product has a shelvelife for 6 months and also to prevent a build up of carbon dioxide gas that may explode when you open the cap.
Enjoy all the goodness of fruits, herbs and the healthy byproducts of fermentation, without the concern of sugar.
We believe we can make an effective addition to a low sugar - and no sugar society. No more boring drinks at social events.