Jaciana Foods Herbal Brews - CARDAMON 330ml

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This is a herb extract, through wild yeast fermentation, to be enjoyed as a refreshing drink.

Wild yeast culture consists of a variety of yeast types, collected from the surrounding vegetation and air. The culture ferments beverages in a unique manner by digesting naturally occurring and added sugars. The sugar content is solely for fermentation purposes and are broken down into other metabolites. A consequent by-product is CO2 which makes the drink refreshingly fizzy.

Based on the fermentation process the sugar in the drink is digested by the yeast and this provides the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing, bubbly drink that is very low in sugar!


INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Wild Yeast Culture, Sugar and Cardamon.

Top 10 benefits of Cardamom

  • Antioxidants and diuretic properties may lower blood pressure.
  • May contain cancer fighting compounds.
  • May protect from chronic disease thanks to anti-inflammatory effect.
  • May help with digestive problems, including ulcers.
  • May treat bad breath and prevents cavities.
  • May have antibacterial effects and treat infections.
  • May improve breathing and oxygen use.
  • May lower blood sugar levels.
  • Reduce anxiety.
  • Assists in weight loss.