J.ST Bags Foldable, Reusable Shopping Bags

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J.ST Bags is a range of beautiful, durable, foldable bags created by women who care!

Our bags are the plastic-free solution you’ve been waiting for; important, because single use plastic has been identified as one of the biggest challenges facing the environment at present.

J.ST Bags are not only environmentally friendly; they’re also strong and beautiful, made from colourful, polywax fabric that folds snugly into your handbag or pocket. They’re the ultimate in convenience - no more forgetting your shopping bag in your boot, or heaving around a heavy, bulky bag, because your new sustainable bag is already with you!

Light and portable, our bags make ideal presents for friends and overseas visitors – or add your corporate brand to create a gorgeous, unusual corporate gift.

J.ST Bags - FUN Reusable, Foldable Shopping Bags

  • Travel easy
  • Beautiful gifts
  • Shopping bags
  • Picnics, Beach day bags
  • Or just anything

Proudly South African

Product Details

J.ST Bags are:

  • Foldable: You can fit up to five J.ST Bags in your handbag, so you’ll never leave your shopping bag in your car again.
  • Strong: J.ST Bags have a 7cm gusset, which allows them to hold up to 6 x 2 litres of milk (or more importantly, a few bottles of wine!)
  • Light and portable
  • Durable: made from soft, hardy wax cotton and polyester
  • Machine washable (cold water wash only)
  • Lightweight: shoulder straps make it easy to carry your groceries.

Product Dimensions:

48 cm wide
42 cm height
7 cm gusset