Health Matrix Omega 3 - 90 caps

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Health Matrix Omega-3 capsules

Purity is everything!

Health Matrix Omega-3 capsules can be regarded as a very 'clean' omega-3 product. We derive our oils from wild salmon and mackerel caught in the cold nordic seas. We have these oils tested for heavy metal contaminants and on arrival in South Africa we run further tests to confirm freshness.

The incredible value of Omega-3 fish oils cannot be overstated! These life-giving oils play a role in numerous vital functions, including:

  • Supporting the normal functioning of the heart
  • Maintenance of normal cholesterol levels
  • Maintenance of normal brain function
  • Maintenance of normal vision
  • Supporting mood stability
  • Improving recovery after exercise.
  • Pack size: One bottle contains 90 capsules

Typical daily dose: 2 capsules taken twice daily with food


Ingredients in Health Matrix Omega-3

Composition of a 1000mg capsule

Omega-3 from fish: 1000mg

EPA: 155mg

DHA: 120mg