Green Lite Eco Firelighters - 4 & 12 piece

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Green Lite Eco Fire Lighters are 100% paraffin free, have a low odour and are made from recyclable materials, vegetable oils and natural colourants.

How to use:

Step 1:
Break loose as many Green Lite Eco Fire Lighter pieces as required. 1 to 2 pieces should do the trick. Always light a Green Lite Eco Fire Lighter at the broken edge of the block

Step 2:
Charcoal Fire – Place 1 to 2 Green Lite Eco Fire Lighter blocks amongst charcoal and light. When burning freely cover with more charcoal.
Wood Fire – Cover 1 to 2 Green Lite Eco Fire Lighter blocks with small pieces of wood and light.  Add larger pieces of wood as the fire burns.

Step 3:
Enjoy an open fire, without any articifial odours or smoke caused by paraffin or other chemicals. Best part – you don’t need to wash your hands after lighting the fire!


Store your Green Lite Eco Fire Lighter blocks in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat or ingest the product. Always take care to put out your fire entirely when you are done.