Earthshine Cupa Souper Food – Miso Broth with Wakame & Chives – 12g (Large Single Serving Sachet)

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Miso Broth with Wakame & Chives – 12g (Large Single Serving Sachet)

Instant Superfood Soup. 100% Vegan wholefoods in the sachet. Make in your cup with hot water in 2 minutes. Boosted with superfoods! Free from: dairy, gluten, wheat, added sugar, soy, GMO’s and additives.


INGREDIENTS: Miso* (Soy) (57%) (Black Beans*, Soy Beans*, Rice*, Salt, Koji Starter Culture), Mesquite*, Wakame (5%), Chives (2.5%), Ginger*, Kelp, Kalahari Salt, Ormus Minerals. *ORGANIC


RECIPE FREE FROM: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Added Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, GMO’s, Preservatives, Chemical Additives.

This product was made in a facility that may contain Soy and Tree Nuts. Contents of packet may clump due to the use of wholefood ingredients only. Quality is unaffected, please loosen and use as normal.

METHOD TO MAKE ONE LARGE MUG: Heat up 300ml of water, put contents of sachet into a large mug. Add a splash of hot water and mix to a smooth paste. Top up with the rest of the hot water, stir well and let stand for 2 minutes. Stir occasionally while drinking, relax and enjoy!