Crede Siberian Pine Nut Oil 250ml

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Cold pressed pinenut oil is pressed from the kernels of the pine tree.  Several species of pine exist, but the oil from the Siberian and Korean pine nuts are especially valued as a nutritional supplement. The oil from these kernels is rich in antioxidants and pinolenic acid – a fatty acid which is purported to protect, repair and strengthen the stomach and gastric lining through its anti-inflammatory properties. Siberian Pinenut oil has a distinctive nutty taste and aroma and is a clear yellow colour. The oil is preferably kept in a fridge or in a cool space away from light, in order to preserve the healthy fatty acids.

Research has indicated that pinolenic acid may help stimulate the release of digestive hormones CCK and GLP1. These hormones inhibit acid production in the stomach, increase insulin secretion, and also help with the absorption of essential nutrients that your body needs. Pinolenic acid has also been shown to aid in appetite suppression when taken 30-60 minutes before meals, reducing food intake and increasing feelings of fullness.

Although appetite control studies were conducted with Korean pine nut oil, the findings were of the effects of the free fatty acids unique to the oil, namely pinolenic acid. Siberian pine nut oil is also rich in pinolenic acid, and in some assessments contain higher pinolenic acid content compared to Korean pine nut oil. We can therefore draw similar conclusions with Siberian pine