Crede Hemp Flour 300g

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Hemp seed flour is made by milling the defatted cake produced in the manufacture of cold pressed Hemp seed oil. The milled flour is sieved to ensure that only the finest hemp seed flour is packaged for your convenience. Hemp seed flour has a high protein, is a ready source of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids and is high in fibre. Hemp seed flour is free of gluten, and popularly used to bake low GI, gluten free bread, and to be used as a vegan source of protein in smoothies. Hemp flour is considered to be a great source of all 20 known amino acids.

5 ways to use Hemp Flour

  1. Hemp Bread: Hemp flour is gluten-free, and ideal for boosting the nutritional content of normal bread. 
  2. Protein booster: Mix hemp flour into smoothies and protein drinks. Hemp flour high in protein as well as omega-3, omega-6 and fibre.
  3. Hemp Crackers: Mix hemp flour with flaxseeds and a little water, and blend in a food processor. Roll into sheets and dehydrate to make nutritious, high-fibre crackers!
  4. Hemp Pasta: If you make your own pasta, hemp flour can be added to the mix for extra texture, fibre and nutrition.
  5. As a thickener: Hemp flour can help to thicken sauces, dips and soups.