Nourish Natural Soap - Pink Orchid Body Bar

Nourish Natural Soap

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Inspired by my friend Adela, Pink Orchid soap is one of my personal favorites. I’ve added pink orchid clay – a lovely detoxing additive – to a recipe containing rich coconut oil, moisturizing cocoa and shea butter.

Pink Kaolin clay is recommended for oily and normal skin. It is an excellent skin care treatment as it helps control sebum production, the major contributor to oily skin.  The clay helps in regenerating and mineralizing of the dry areas, leaving your skin smooth and glowing.

Kaolin clay also contains a compound known as montmorillonite that helps to remove toxins and oils from your skin. It is rich in phyto-nutrients and essential minerals and is commonly used for therapeutic purposes.

A dash of rose geranium and lavender scent makes this soap to die for!

130g Body Bar

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