Bull & Bush:  6 Lamb Gourmet Burger Patties 1kg

Bull & Bush: 6 Lamb Gourmet Burger Patties 1kg

Bull & Bush Meat Merchant

  • R 235.00

1kg Lamb Gourmet Burger Patties (6 x 165g patties)

Karoo Lamb of Origin – A long journey from the Northern Cape farms – Naturally Reared – Traceable to origin – Free From Added Hormones and Routine Antibiotics – Incredible flavour…

Our butcher, Christiaan Paulsen owner of Bull & Bush Meat Merchants, shares the same vision and values as we have.  

The quality of meat is directly proportionate to the following:

  • How the animal was raised.
  • Where the animal was raised.
  • What the animal eats during its life cycle.
  • How the animal was transported.
  • The abattoirs process.
  • The Cold Chain.
  • Care and handling in the value chain.
  • Production control procedures to consumer.
  • NO Antibiotics or growth hormones administered.
  • Veld-reared and Proudly South African!

 “We consider every aspect outlined and will ensure that we adhere to the best practice on all through our personal relationships with our farmers and a full understanding of how they treat their animals throughout their life cycle.  Animals are allowed to develop naturally, freely and ultimately developing the flavour intended by nature… it’s what we are after.” 

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