Bamboo Straws 21cm

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100% Natural & Re-usable bamboo straws made locally in Cape Town.


Because the bamboo plant is the fastest growing in the world!  It grows approx 3-5 feet per year, making it a sustainable resource.  It has also been know to have a naturally anitmicrobial bio-agent called bamboo kun making it antibacterial antifungal and odour resistant in nature.

Each straw is 100% natural, therefore each straw is different and unique.  It may have a different lifespan from the previous one, however we try our best to make the as durable as possible.


Each straw is re-usable and therefore needs to be washed after every use.  They can be washed in warm soapy water, rinsed and air dried.  Alternativley, they are dishwasher safe.  Straws will be stained if used in drinks with artificial colourants, but still go to use if cared for correctly.

Straws will eventually become brittle.  Once this happens it can be added to your compost or to your everyday refuse without any guilt knowing the straw will degrade naturally.