Africa Organics Sensitive Body Wash 210ml & 1 Litre

Africa Organics Sensitive Body Wash 210ml & 1 Litre

African Organics

  • R 76.00

Sensitive Body Wash for sensitivity

Mild, Biodegradable ingredients make this the perfect wash for sensitive skin. It is pH balanced and will not strip the skin of its natural oils.

By using Africa Organics, you will experience the effectiveness of natural African ingredients without added preservatives, and the awareness that what helps you can also help heal Africa.

All our products are rapidly biodegradable; by using them you will be contributing to the health of your watercourses. We are also endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty and the Vegan Society.

In the interests of healthier humans inhabiting a healthier Earth, we don’t use synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances or synthetic colourants in our products. We have also committed to not using parabens, petrochemicals, sulphated surfactants, animal products, ethoxylated or PEG ingredients, propylene glycol or any other ingredients red-flagged by BDIH and Ecocert standards.

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