Hijke Labneh Balls - 250ml

Hijke Labneh Balls - 250ml


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What is Labneh?

It's a soft cream cheese made from strained yogurt that's popular in Middle Eastern cuisine.  At about half the fat and calories of standard cream cheese, it's the perfect healthier alternative.  

It's used raw as an accompaniment to breakfast of as a snack with fruit and can be stirred into cooked dishes instead of sour cream or milk.

So, here are some ways to use Great Balls of Labneh for effect in your summer menus.

  • Sprinkle them on top of a fresh salad.
  • Serve the labneh balls with cucumber slices, tomato wedges, olives, pita bread or even crackers
  • Add a few to a home made tomato soup
  • Gives sauces new layers of yum. Use it to thicken an Alfredo sauce, or add some extra moisture to pesto penne... Go on, give it a whirl. 

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