Healthway Toothpaste 100ml

Healthway Toothpaste 100ml


  • R 50.00

Rated as one of the most effective Non Toxic Toothpaste by Dr Rolanda Prinsloo a Natural Dentist in Pretoria who was involved in developing the formulation to meet the demands of her patients. With added volcanic ash to heal and kill bacteria, that is fluoride free with a Peppermint flavour.

Product Features:
  • Promotes healthy gums - prevents gum disease.
  • Added Magnesium to assist in balancing the calcium and magnesium levels essential for strong teeth.
  • Added Living Clay which is anti bacterial and prevents the build up of plaque.
  • Added Living Clay which also absorbs the mercury released from amalgam fillings.
  • Added Bicarbonate of Soda for a whitening effect on the teeth.

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