Oryx Desert Salt Spotlight

We are very proud to be featured in the Oryx Desert Salt Blog - Spotlight. Read all about it here:


Eco living is no longer just a trend. For many, it’s becoming a full-blown lifestyle. At Oryx Desert Salt, we raise a glass (with salt on the rim, of course) to those that fully embrace eco-friendliness and health forwardness for the sake of a better you and a better world. Standing among these as a pillar of health and earth consciousness is our good friend, Smart Green People.

Through passion for green living and environmentally friendly products, Smart Green People was founded. Now, Smart Green People is an online company that is dedicated to providing the residents of the Irene and Centurion area in Pretoria with top quality organic, natural, and eco-friendly products delivered right to your home. Their online shop stocks everything you need to kickstart a healthy, natural lifestyle. They have a selection of foods, personal care and health items, household products, and even pet supplies.

Among their varied selection of food, health, and wellness products is Oryx Desert Salt. We’re proud to make their list of Smart Green People approved products, and consider it a true testament to Oryx’s sustainability and health initiatives.  Lisa & Lee-Ann from Smart Green People told us that they love that Oryx Desert Salt is “proudly South African, that there are no additives and that your organization gives back to the community”. We love it too!

Smart Green People is one of our retailer friends that reinforce why we do what we do. Together, Smart Green People and Oryx make the world a healthier, happier place and we do it without harming the earth. Thank you, Smart Green People, for standing with us in making the world a better place, and supporting Oryx Desert Salt. We’re proud to have you in our tribe!